Ring Stamping Device

Style 80.0990/80.0991/80.0992/80.0993

Spatula 890

Scope of Work:

Accomodates standard stamps with approximately 5/16" (8mm) square bodies. Eliminates the need to hold ring and stamp in one hand. Simply position over ring and mar-proof plastic anvil (55.201) and tap with mallet. Eliminates slipping of the ring and is also ideal for flat stamping. The sleeve can be reversed or the stamp body can be touched with a file if stamp is not 5/16" (8mm) square. Stamps must be ordered separately.

Available in:

80.0990 Ring Stamping Stand

80.0991 Stamp 10k

80.0992 Stamp 14k

80.0993 Stamp 18k

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